NS Sub Park 2012 by Sal

North Las Vegas, United States. Забавная раскраска.
+ New frame - new photo (Amur.)

2012 NS Suburban park,08 Marzz 4X/WC, azonic outlaw front MTX33 rear w/ Halo DJD BD. redline mega-x crank, 27/11 gears. Mac2 rear DTH front. Atomlab Trailking, profile cranks, GI 60

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Anonymous  17 January, 2012  

Dont know what Andrew said, but, Ja?


Amur.  17 January, 2012  

He said he doesn't like it.

Anonymous  17 January, 2012  

nice bike


Anonymous  20 January, 2012  

I know. he doesnt like it. No one does. Does it stop me from riding?? FUCK NO. Its not your bike so you dont have to like it, get it? Probably not. But thanks.


Amur.  20 January, 2012  

BSal, don't worry!
Everyone has the right to their own opinion!

IMHO, I like this bike cause it has very individual style)
What do you use it for? Dirt riding?

Sal  01 February, 2012  

No, street and park. Just upgraded to a 2012 Suburban park.

Amur.  01 February, 2012  

link to photo?
I'll update this post)

Sal  02 February, 2012  


Anonymous  03 February, 2012  

все еще забавный по цветам)


Daen  04 February, 2012  

новая рама-новый пост, не?

стрёмный он

Amur.  04 February, 2012  

Daen, нет.
новая рама - тот же пост. хватит плодить одинаковые посты.

Anonymous  04 February, 2012  

мне одному кажется что буржуи слишком чувствитльны?

Anonymous  04 February, 2012  



Sal  10 February, 2012  

I didnt ask for a new post. I just posted I upgraded my frame and Amur posted this update. If people are getting mad or offende, oh well.

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